Cornelius Forefeels

Foreign Policy Advice via Postcard to Presidents Ford and Carter

In the late 1970's, a Dutchman known only as Cornelius offered foreign policy 'forefeelings' via postcard to US Presidents Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter.

Sometimes slanted, sometimes twisted, sometimes downright xenophopic, these postcards exhibit the very human yearning to have an impact on the world.

Surely none of these cards reached either President. They are presented here as historical artifacts that would otherwise be lost to history. by Cornelius (as voiced by Michael C. Ford)

Who is this Dutchman Cornelius and why is he sending foreign policy advice via postcard to US presidents Ford and Carter? Could there be meaning...or is this straight madness?

Narrated by Grammy-nominated poet Michael C. Ford, Cornelius Forefeels shows each postcard for your inspection. Are there clues to decipher? Only you (and maybe history) will tell.

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From Cornelius Forefeels

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