Wild Little Faces HD

Insects from a Garden in Southern Brazil

Alejandro Peláez has been shooting insects for 15 years. His focus is local to where he lives on the Southern coast of Brazil where the Mata Atlantica—some of the densest and oldest jungles around—come right into his back yard. His front year, the beach.

While many people might view the insects that infiltrate their living spaces as pests and annoyances,
Alejandro Peláez
Alejandro's perspective of these insects is reflected in his photography: there is honor and respect in these shots as he engages with the insects and shoots them up close and personal

Alejandro Peláez says, "I'm just a non-sensational paparazzo of little creatures - the real artist is nature and evolution... yet a paparazzo needs a lot of time and patience to shoot his subjects..." by Alejandro Peláez

Alejandro Peláez explores the many faces of the insects that live in his back yard on the Brazilian coast with close-up and macro shots.

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