Deconstructed Faerie

See a world few humans ever get to see.

100% Human Free. How? First, a computer program scans the internet for images based on a set of keywords. fairy ring, cosplay, faery, dwarf, crystal, cave, roots, branches, dirt, stones, clouds, eyes, elementals

Found: 13,000 images then randomly combined and re-combined to create 10,000 images. Of these, 300 were accepted and of those 300, 100 were selected for this book. by N_7000 & The Cohort of Disembodied Artists, Blackburst Lodge

Haunting imagery mashed together with eerie original music make Deconstructed Faerie a must-have experience unique to the iPad.

Price US$9.99 See App Store for international pricing.

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Screenshots from Deconstructed Faerie


From Deconstructed Faerie

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