Missing in Silverlake

What Lost Pet Posters tell us.

Lindsay Mofford began collecting these posters over 15 years ago while on a road trip. Drawn to the hand-made personal folk art approach so many of the posters contained, she loved the writings and the loving descriptions of the missing pet.

Lindsay Mofford
This was just prior to the digital photography revolution, so illustrations ranged from intriguingly fuzzy polaroids to astounding hand drawn portraits-a very rare occurrence nowadays. Of course, hand drawn pictures of exotic animals were most prized.

Lindsay Mofford says, "Often the poster is worn from the weather and I found that this also added to its beauty. The weathering also marked time passing so I could be confident that my collecting didn't interfere with the poster's job." by Lindsay Mofford (curator)

A collection of 117 Lost (and Found) pet posters give a glimpse of how people feel about their pets.

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From Missing in Silverlake

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