Corelius Forefeels iPad Art Book Released for Free

Narrated by Grammy-nominated poet Michael C. Ford

iPad Book producer Appucan ( released the iPad app Cornelius Forefeels as a free download until Decebmber 31, 2011. Cornelius Forefeels is part of its ongoing Art Series. Cornelius Forefeels is a set of postcards sent by an anonymous Dutchman named Cornelius to US Presidents Ford and Carter. The postcards offer foreign policy advice on matters of the day. Much of the advice comes from, as Cornelius puts it in many postcards, "forefeelings" he's had about events to pass.

The postcards range from humorous and friendly ("I wish you and your friends the best!") to paranoid ("I am being persecuted by alien Dutch natives") to detailed ("Go to Moscow in person..."). As read by Michael C. Ford, Cornelius comes to life in a very exciting way.

The iPad app is available as a free download from the iTunes App store. It was previously available for $2.99.

Recently, Appucan announced the publication of two iPad books Deconstructed Faerie and Missing in Silverlake. Several more books are in development.