Two New iPad Books from Appucan Art Series

iPad Book producer Appucan ( announced the publication of two new books in its ongoing Art Series. The two books, Deconstructed Faerie (itunes) and Missing in Silverlake (itunes), are available through the Apple iPad app store.

Deconstructed Faerie contains 98 haunting images mashed together through sampling over 13,000 web images. An algorithm containing specific key terms was deployed to search the web for images. Among the terms used were fairy ring, dwarf, crystal, cave, roots, branches, dirt, stones, clouds, eyes, and others.

A second automated procedure ran a randomized algorithm combining and then re-combining images until 300 new, original works remained. Of these, the artist selected 98 for the Deconstructed Faerie iPad book and composed original music to accompany each of these haunting images.

In June 2011, Deconstructed Faerie was previewed at the Secret International Outdoor Arts and Film Festival and received the Best New Media presentation award.

Appucan is using 100% of the net profits of Deconstructed Faerie to help construct a prototype Eyewriter computer system to enable paralyzed people to operate their computer through eye movements.

Deconstructed Faerie is by N_7000 & The Cohort of Disembodied Artists, Blackburst Lodge and is available via and the iPad app store for $9.99.

Missing in Silverlake is a set of 115 lost (and found) pet posters collected over a 15-year period by LA-based Film and Television Editor Lindsay Mofford.

Lindsay Mofford
The posters, shown exactly as found taped and stapled to walls, streetlamps, telephone poles, and elsewhere show sometimes desperate, sometimes indifferent, and often heartbreaking efforts to locate lost pets.

"I was drawn to the hand-made personal folk-art approach so many of these posters contained," says Ms. Mofford.

The majority of the posters were collected in the Los Angeles area, specifically around Silver Lake.

Missing in Silverlake is available via and the iPad app store for $2.99.

Note to editors and bloggers: Images and video for re-posting can be found on the site associated with each book. Review copies are available.